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But sure, dating is super easy. The constant feeling of highs from the good moments of getting to know each other to the lows of the insecurity in knowing that one wrong thing being said and you could end up losing this opportunity, forcing you to return to your nights in bed with your dog watching reruns of The Office, wondering if even Michael Scott would text you back.

Oh yeah, dating is a fun ride.

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The idea that you could invest so much time, iPhone battery life, selfie energy and hair products into one person that could potentially not even acknowledge your existence the next day or give you a reasonable explanation into their disappearance from your life is utterly devastating and heartbreaking. How can someone say that this is the best time of your life, when your forced to continue to be brave and put yourself out there to a stranger, hoping that they will not only accept you for who you are, but simply take a chance on you.

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As a single person, that is literally all that we ask for. The simple chance to have an amazing little something with you that could last or to royally fuck it up later down the road with you after all the fun; Either way, we just want a chance to see where it can go. And maybe a phone call here or there to know your still existing on this on Earth, and to be wined and dined occasionally.

Either way, to say that being single is the best time of your life is idiotic. Back to the point, dating sucks.

Do you find online dating difficult?

You never really know who to trust, which ones to invest your time into and how to figure out which scenario is really going to work. When it comes down to it, dating is the luck of the draw or the swipe right. Taylor Swift's Future Best Friend.

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