Idarb matchmaking update

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There are currently no reported service status issues. Sleeping Dogs January All News Gaming Deals Site. There have been 1, posts in the last 24 hours. There are currently 3,, forum posts across the 7, forums. Every time I try and connect to an online matchmaking game searching for teams with 1 player it eventually says "joining game session" but then I get kicked back to the main menu every time. My NAT is open so I'm no sure what the issue is, does anyone have any ideas or having the same issue? I checked my network diagnostics and said it couldn't see a teredo ip address for me so reset my router and was able to get into matchmaking games finally.

Fires of Liberation Now Backward Compatible. Mar 4, 28 0 0 Massachusetts. Dubz Member Mar 5, Aug 8, 3, 0 0. I just discovered this game tonight. Holy shit this is the best thing I've tried in a while. I love the concept, execution, and gameplay. Greatest new sports game ever! Jun 4, 0 0. Shocked this game doesn't have more of a community on Neogaf. I downloaded the game when it first went live and didn't give it a chance. Had a friend visit me this weekend and he forced me to play some matches with him. I am now addicted.

Don't put this game down until you can play against or with a friend on the couch. Nov 4, 0 0.

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It needs actual matchmaking, that's my guess as to why this isn't more active. I don't have gamin friends nearby, and playing 1 v 1 is quite boring. Makes no sense why there aren't lobbies, friend squads, anything. I read an interview where he mentioned they only got online play working in the last few days of development. They're working on 4 console multiplayer right now, not sure of they'll ever get 8 working. Since it's such a twitchy and fast paced game having a solid netcode is probably proving difficult.

Unicorn Member Apr 17, May 5, 13, 1 0 Saturn steamcommunity. Played this with a friend tonight.

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It was hilarious and infuriating. Definitely going to have a game night with other friends. Booze will be involved. Nowise10 Member Jan 15, Jun 30, 3, 0 Minnesota. The games first update since Launch came out 10 minutes ago. Go play it again I guess. Oct 8, 19, 0 beyond. At the Disco Member Jan 15, Jun 14, 3, 0 0. They actually had the patch notes in September for this Update! EBE Member Jan 15, Jun 14, 6, LA, CA. I hated this game at first.

MauroNL Member Jan 15, Jan 7, 1, 0 Holland.

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Our first Xbox One Update is now live and it's a big one! Masters of the Universe Pack, includes: Beware walkers and other obstacles on the playfield in The Walking Dead arena! Take to the skies in The Invincible arena where your heroic leaps make for epic battles 2 Exclusive Half-time mini-games! The Walking Dead and Invincible! Improved matchmaking and latency. AI Teammates now available in local matches. Kinect Voice Hashbombs added.

Added Trading Post - Unlocks achievement that required Kinect on previous release. Majestic Eagle recognized for 15 points. Added loading screen s. Option to turn crowns on and off for winningest local team. Option to enable alternating goals between rounds. Hashbombs are off during transitions and selection screens.


Added vibration to penalty zone. Smartcasting - Backdrop and PIP gameplay screen with action logic.

Twitter crawl crash bug fixed. I was thinking the exact thing when u compared it to rocket league. I've been playing rocket league for the past week thinking, why did idarb have to screw up soooo badly. Microsoft or somebody should of really stepped in an helped them out or something. Microsoft always steps in to help developers.

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In the case of IDARB, as in the case of many other developers, they completely forget about the game as soon as it is released and stop supporting it. That isn't true about them "forgetting" the game. They are hard at work on new maps and content they have teased plus the Windows 10 version that supports cross-play between Xbox and PC. Fun game to play with some buddies when they come over and we're all drinking but holy hell I'll never go online again because that was just not fun lol people have perfected shots from any angle imaginable.

It ridiculous how the developers have miserably failed to support this game. I adored it for weeks but it has a number of problems, the devs made loads of promises of updates coming soon, demos of new stuff in livestreams, completely redone netcode with 2v2 online was supposed to be by E3. All turned out to be a bunch of hot air, really disappointing. I love idarb too. But the fact that I can only play 1v1 online turned me off. Still have a blast with it playing 2v2 whenever my friends are over though.

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