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Critical hits do extra damage. The values listed here only apply to the Java Edition. Attacking too quickly will reduce the strength of attacks. The base damage done as a fraction of the full possible damage depends on the time between attacks, which is also reflected in the height of the held weapon on screen and the attack indicator bar which is configurable in the options menu:. The damage multiplier is then 0. Damage done by enchantments Sharpness , Smite , and Bane of Arthropods is also reduced, but not as severely the multiplier is not squared:.

Critical hits are attacks that deal extra damage compared to regular attacks. Critical melee strikes, regardless of the weapon used, cause small star particles to fly out of the target who was critically hit. Critical hits affect all damageable entities including players , mobs , paintings , boats and minecarts.

In melee, a critical hit occurs when a player attacks a mob while falling , including while coming down from a jump, but not while jumping up.

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During this period, any other incoming damage will not be counted against the mob's total health. This immunity only seems to affect combat damage; for example, the player cannot avoid fall damage by taking combat damage just before landing. For instance, if you attack a mob with a sword repeatedly hitting the attack button, the sword's rate of fire will exceed the mob's allowable rate of incoming damage, and several of the attacks will not damage the mob even if they land.

It is recommended to wait for a mob to be hittable again before swinging your sword, making your hits more precise. The tool used won't lose durability after unsuccessful attacks. However, if an entity is recovering from damage and then receives higher damage, it gets counted. Players are also subject to damage immunity. The damage mobs deal to players is affected by the difficulty of the game. The below values represent the amount of damage taken per hit.

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If having a potion effect when exploding, it leaves a effect cloud with the effect, like a lingering potion. Slowness for 30 seconds when their tipped arrow hits any mob including another stray. When receiving damage from players, mobs, or most projectiles, players and mobs will also be knocked back.

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The resulting disorientation and loss of control should not be underestimated, as it is possible to be knocked back over a cliff or into lava, both of which are potentially fatal. A sprinting attack causes extra knockback. A thrown egg or snowball also causes knockback, despite not damaging most mobs.

Entities riding another entity never receive any knockback when attacked. Lightning striking on or near the player will do 5 damage, which can be reduced with armor. Lightning strikes on the player are very rare, and only occur during thunderstorms. Players and mobs that get hit by lightning will be set on fire , but will be quickly put out from the rain during a thunderstorm.

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Most mobs receive damage when falling from excessive heights. Armor itself does not reduce fall damage, however the enchantments and status effect Feather Falling and Protection , Slow Falling do. Below is a table which shows which mobs who are immune to fall damage or not.

Ender Dragon Snow Golem Ghast.

Fall damage is calculated based on distance fallen rather than on velocity when hitting the ground. The distance is accumulated based on change in position each tick and rising does not reduce the accumulator, thus an entity bouncing in mid-air on the end of a lead will accumulate fatal amounts of fall distance despite never being more than a few blocks above the ground. Fall damage is 1 for each block of fall distance after the third.

Thus, falling 4 blocks causes 1 damage, 2 damage for 5 blocks, and so forth. When a player runs out of air underwater, they will start drowning and will take approximately 2 per second. Mobs can drown as well, though they usually do not, as any mob that can drown in water will attempt to swim upward. A squid or any kind of fish will die in air instead of in water, while iron golems , guardians , turtles and undead mobs will not drown in any situation. Withers can drown, but break blocks around them including water upon taking damage.

Normally, mobs can remain underwater for 15 seconds before their air supply fully depletes. They can remain underwater for 16 seconds before actually beginning to take damage. The Water Breathing status effect stops the air meter from depleting, and Respiration equipment adds, on average, an additional 16 seconds per level. Neither effect affects squids and fish.

When the player is no longer submerged in water, their oxygen bar will gradually regenerate, taking a few seconds to become full. Using an empty bucket on a water block creates a temporary air block, which can be used for the same effect. In Pocket Edition Alpha 0. A falling anvil deals 2 per block fallen after the first e.

Minecraft pe dating server 0.11.0

When a player or mob deals melee or projectile damage to a player or mob that is wearing Thorns -enchanted armor , the attacker will also be damaged. The amount varies with the enchantment level. Suffocation occurs when a player or a mob is unable to breathe due to its head being stuck inside a solid block , causing the player or mob to receive 1 damage every half-second. When inside a block, the player can easily step out of it as the blocks do not prevent their movement. Want to play on each server or wsh. A like goal of working servers ranked by user votes and vote for mcpe is one site traffic and distracted curses his insides laughing.

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