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The Cathay Cineplex at Dhoby Ghaut. You also increase your risk of accidentally losing your balance and falling down while dancing. Don't be that person. Getting very drunk is also dangerous because someone could try to take advantage of you while you're intoxicated. There are a lot of sleazy guys out there. If you are out dancing but didn't come with a partner and are looking for someone to dance with, make sure you don't accidently crash someone's date.

What I mean by that is a couple comes to dance together and only with each other, they won't be interested in dancing with other people. I suggest you look for guys who rotate partner in between songs and don't just dance with one woman all night long. Unfortunately, there are plenty of guys who are only there to hit on women, get phone numbers and hook up. Usually, those guys are the ones no one wants to date; but they persevere and don't give up.

If you don't like a guy and he makes you feel uncomfortable, go with your gut feeling and just say "no.

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Unless you're out on a date and only plan to dance with one person for the rest of the night, you should try and dance with as many different guys as possible. So if a nice, normal looking guy asks you to dance, you should try and say "yes. However, the point that I want to make here, is that there are a lot of great guys out there, who treat women with respect and come there just to dance and not do anything sexually inappropriate. This means that if you say "no" to every normal guy that you don't know, haven't danced with before, etc.

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Keep in mind that a lot of guys aren't great at the beginning, but then after a few months of classes and lessons, they turn out to be really good dancers, so don't go around burning bridges because you might regret it later. This is really good to do if you are at a new club and not a lot of people know if any , so this way you can start drawing attention to yourself as other guys watch you out there, and you'll get their interest and start getting asked to dance more as the night goes on. Usually, men will say "yes" when you ask them to dance unless they're busy drinking a beer and watching some crucial moment in the game on tv there, in which case, come back later.

There are nice guys who know how to dance well. If a guy looks normal and dances well with other women aka no creeping , then open yourself to the possibility of new partners and ask him to dance with you. If it doesn't go as well as you hoped, then hey, at least you tried.

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Take lessons or classes beforehand so you at least know the basic and understand how to turn correctly. It's very frustrating for guys when women show up and assume the guys will teach them everything they need to know in five minutes or less. Some guys might be nice and explain a little bit to you, but most men don't know how to dance the women's role and are honestly not looking to teach someone from scratch. It takes more than one song to learn how to salsa, so don't get upset or frustrated that you're not a professional after 3 minutes.

You don't need to be a professional or dance salsa for 10 years in order to have a good time dancing. What is important though is that you get yourself set up right for dancing by wearing the right kind of shoes and clothes, staying clear-headed, avoiding weird guys, but being open to new possibilities and opportunities with other partners. At the end of the night, what counts is that you had a good time.

Regardless if you're a beginner or have been dancing for some time and are feeling frustrated, I hope that these tips will help you make the most of your salsa evening wherever you are! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

The real couples who met and fell in love at salsa dancing class

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I find this article very useful. I am going to a new place where salsa dancer will be there. Thank you for sharing your tips. I'm not trying to be degrading to women. I am unfortunately describing the reality of the situation in most salsa clubs I have been to, in Chicago as well as in San Francisco and San Diego.

We actually had a meeting about it in my studio last year and all of the teachers and promoters from the Bay Area attended it and discussed the issue, so this is a very real thing. I write this article based on what I see happening around me and what I see happening to my friends. There are a lot of guys around who are sexual predators because they look around for women who are new or don't know what they are doing and use it as an opportunity to come on to them. I have seen at least a dozen men turn into sleazy monsters at the first sign of a clueless woman who has never been to a salsa club before and doesn't know how to dance and they try to turn this inexperience and lack of knowledge to act inappropriately around her thinking that she doesn't know better.

I am just trying to teach women how to stay safe because unfortunately there are a lot of issues regarding sexual assault and dating violence both within the club as well as outside of it. It's never the woman's fault for getting attacked by a man, but unfortunately there are a lot of misogynistic perverts out there who will use any excuse as an opportunity to harass or attack a woman.

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Eighteen months later, in December , he proposed to Adnieszka, who has a son, Michael, eight, from a previous relationship, while they were on holiday in her native Poland. The couple got married in her hometown of Slupsk and their salsa teacher helped choreograph the routine for their first dance.

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I found a beautiful black dress with tassels that flared out when Robert spun me around. I fell in love with salsa, then I fell in love with Robert. PA Amanda Sahranavard, 42, from Brighton, had been single for a year when she met her future husband, apprentice electrician Mahmood, 31, at salsa in Fed up with internet dating, Amanda took up salsa lessons as another way to meet men — and not only did she discover her groove, she found a husband, too. A couple of months later she met Mahmood, who moved to England three years ago from Iran. Amanda admits that dancing in such close proximity to each other can be intoxicating.

Housing officer Darren Parker, 45, met legal assistant Nina Roby, 35, at a salsa class four years ago. They live together in Epping, Essex. At first, he struggled with the intimacy that comes with dancing so close. I just wanted to do something for myself, to go out and enjoy myself without having to rely on my friends.

He plucked up the courage to ask Nina out and they went to the opening of a salsa club on their first date. We both really let go and get lost in the beat of the Latino music.