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Click on item to see article For years sufferers of uncontrollable odor conditions including, but not limited to TMAU, and those who suff The research in the last decade assumed a kind of wrong type of bacteria in the gut, which would produce large amounts of TMA just by introd Three main protocols of TMAU diet. T here is some confusion about food issues regarding TMAU and other possible metabolic BO conditions because usually what works for one pers Hazen's Anti-TMA pill works in mice.

New paper released on Aug 6 Pill worked on MICE. Let us know if you want a meetup listed. Please click to fill out questionnaire. Subscribe to Blog Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner You will be sent a verification email Subscribe in a reader. Other posts for these labels. Newer Post Older Post Home. Expert overseeing study 7 MEBO project: Mpdela in London 3 meetup: Washington DC 14 Meetup: Amsterdam 1 Meetup: London 3 Meetup: But I can't take her out to eat or to the movies or anything. I kno it hurts her but it's been almost 2 years we've been dating and she's still in love with me.

She said she smells it but she looks past it.

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My family doesn't believe me. My mom and my dad both think I'm crazy.

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But I've seen them look at me the way other people do many times so I know they know. I just wish this problem was gone.


It's ruining my life. She's never once been out to dinner or to a movie with me because of this. And I kno it affects her greatly. This is a real problem. And people need to take it more seriously. People are so quick to make fun of you because you smell but I'd like to see how they'd react if it happened it them.

I didn't ask for this it just happened to me and if I could relive my life before I had this problem I would try to make better of it because this literally takes my life away from me. And then someone reacts negatively to you, and you think, Surely not. I love the smell of baking. I love the smell of babies. When did you first develop it? I remember that during puberty I had to take extra measures to stay fresh. I figured was just a very sweaty person. My grandfather sweats a lot, too, so I just thought it was genetic. I dated, I had friends, and I went to prom. I got married to my husband, whom I met when I was 19, and I went college for a few years.

The hormonal change was a catalyst for me. We had difficulties with the birth of my son, and while I was in the hospital I met a lady who had a similar pregnancy experience.

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We bonded and became good friends. Then when the babies were about a year old, the weirdest thing happened. She started giving me little hints in conversation. One day I complimented her on the perfume she was wearing, and she said: Then I noticed, when I was out shopping, store assistants would say rude things very loudly because they wanted to let me know I had a problem. I just said I was so sorry, I felt bad, they thought I was going in there without bathing or brushing my teeth, but the truth was I had this odor I could not get rid of.

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Now I can breathe. I went home and cried. It makes you very paranoid. If someone whispers something to someone else I think they were talking about me. Are there any specific situations you avoid?

Simple things like getting a haircut or having my nails done. But this confidence has come with time and age. When I was younger it was so traumatic. A lot of sufferers think about suicide every day. The saddest part about it is that you isolate yourself. I feel bad because I understand: When were you formally diagnosed? In I was researching my condition on the internet when I came across a support group run by someone in the U. I discovered an entire anonymous network and a name for my condition. I think that community slowly pulled me out of the depression and encouraged me to go and get tested, which I finally did about a year ago.